Eco-sustainable benefits of iron

Modern construction techniques have a common purpose: to find more durable and environmentally friendly building materials and strategies. That is why iron structures and ironwork in Alicante is leaning towards less polluting materials in sustainable buildings.

Ecología - manos y árbol

Building trends are now leaning towards using natural materials such as wood, natural fibres and minerals such as iron. But among all these materials, iron is the big favourite when it comes to strength and durability, not to mention that it is also highly cost-effective. The manufacture and distribution of iron has a low environmental impact. As well as being durable, completely natural, hard-wearing and reusable, it is also in line with the philosophy of greener living.

Iron structures hardly require any care through possible antioxidant treatments. Thus, the mineral is not affected by cold, rain or sunlight. In other words, it is perfectly adapted to the environment.

Global warming is a constant concern and the use of materials such as iron represents a simple and above all cost-effective answer to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Other metals such as steel can also be considered as environmentally friendly solutions.

To put it more clearly, more than 90% of steel is recyclable, while only 20% of cement is recyclable, making steel a more sustainable material. The two most recycled materials in the world are iron and steel, and recycling saves up to 56% of the energy needed to extract them.

Thus, iron structures and ironwork in Alicante are a safe bet in favour of the environment. At Alumar Carpintería de Aluminio y Metálica we take advantage of the maximum ecological potential of iron and provide durable, resistant and clearly non-polluting structures. We choose one of the most sustainable materials to build with ecological awareness and of course good taste.

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