Stainless steel handrail works in Alicante

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If you are looking for railings, you have come to the right place. It has the best interior and exterior railings, enjoy each of the benefits they offer you especially the one made of steel.

At Alumar metal carpentry Alicante, we make all kinds of personalized and made-to-measure stainless steel railings !. Read on and learn more.

¿Why stainless steel interior railings?

We especially recommend this type of railings, because they allow a large number of designs.

So you can imagine any kind of finish and we make it possible for you . In addition to this possibility, with the stainless steel railings you can count on more security.

Keep in mind that the railings should be located in areas that may be considered risk of falls, in order to generate more protection for family members, and also to visitors.

In the case of areas, such as stairs in companies, it is also necessary to have handrails, as they are regulations that must be complied with , and it is best to do it with railings that stylize the spaces.

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More security and more aesthetics

Stainless steel handrails provide more security. The manufacturing method that we implement is also of a high level.

Our method consists of applying welds around the entire perimeter of the joint between the railing pieces .

In the same way, we use columns in the weakest points, in order to reinforce durability, resistance and the ability to provide protection. These points can be at the end and beginning of the railings, or at changes of direction.

To provide better safety results, we also use chemical anchor where necessary.

Stainless steel has a very great adaptability . It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be combined with other materials to create very convenient aesthetic combinations.

We take into account both aesthetics and functionality, we guarantee resistant railings, and by taking care of the installation we provide more security.

We provide the perfect anchors, with the best fixing points , and products that guarantee an optimal result in the installation.

We also take into account important aspects such as the distance between the bars, so that you have more security in the spaces.

Handrails for all types of areas and spaces

If you need railings for stairs, balconies, for your company or for the home, you can count on us.

We take care of the manufacture of railings for the protection of balconies , made of stainless steel and with wooden handrails. We can also provide you with stainless steel railings with lateral support and parapets.

Whatever you need in stainless steel railings, we can put it at your fingertips. Even if it’s balconies with glass railings.

Similarly, we also manufacture products such as stainless steel shop windows to suit your needs.

As we have already said, we are able to make combinations with materials such as plain and perforated plates, steel cable, iron , glass and brass, among others.

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Benefits of stainless steel handrails

So that you have a good judgment, and can decide on the best railings, we present the benefits of stainless steel railings:

Long service life

Stainless steel is strong and durable, it will not be affected by weather changes or the touch of different hands on every moment.

It is resistant to water, and does not damage by humidity. So you can place them both indoors and outdoors.

Easy maintenance

On the other hand, they offer design possibilities, and they are maintained because they are easy to clean and keep them in good condition . < / p>

Just wipe them with a cloth or brush, and they will always be shiny and polished.

Convenient prices

Finally, with stainless steel railings, you can have a budget to suit you. Stainless steel is a very profitable material , so it guarantees savings because you will not have to constantly renew them as with other materials.

The durability of these railings is a powerful reason to choose stainless steel.


Now that you have more knowledge about everything related to stainless steel railings for interiors and exteriors, it is a good time to make your decision.

Contact us for a budget tailored to your needs , our attention is personalized, and we make design and aesthetics a reality what you want.

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