Stainless steel enclosures in Alicante

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Stainless steel enclosures in Alicante

Find custom-made enclosures, according to the design you want, with the most convenient materials, with the functionality you need , it can become a difficult task when you do not have a company that manufactures to order.

That is why we are dedicated to the manufacture of custom and custom enclosures in different materials, but especially in stainless steel, because we know that you want resistance, durability and quality.

In this article you will learn more about enclosures , and you will discover why we are the best option for you. So read to the end.

Benefits of stainless steel enclosures

In areas such as balconies and terraces, as well as to divide spaces in a more aesthetic and convenient way, enclosures are a excellent solution.

They offer great benefits, and we will explain them to you below, so that you can elaborate your criteria based on broad and useful information.

Improved lighting

The structure of the enclosures, allow to provide more lighting options when wanting to have the entrance of light natural to space.

The best thing is that it is what is called dry work, which does not require landslides, expensive renovations or modifications for the installation.

Complementary design

The nature of the enclosures, generate more possibilities in terms of design customization .

It is very easy to make enclosures with an aesthetic image harmonious with the space, and you can also implement decorative elements for greater attractiveness.


On the other hand, the versatility of the enclosures is very beneficial. Modifications can be made with ease. In fact, an enclosure itself is an element that modifies and renews a space.

There are various structures, and a stainless steel enclosure can be combined with other materials, to provide an aesthetic more tailored to the design that you want to achieve . This is how it is combined with metal, glass or polycarbonate profiles.

New environments

Enclosures can complement and complete your home. They are considered as products of an exterior architecture. In this way, spaces are added and new environments are created.

An enclosure gives your home an extension , thus increasing the surface covered by it, and at the same time respect the design.

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Stainless steel enclosures: a system with multiple functionalities

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, stainless steel enclosures represent systems with multiple functionalities.

First of all, it can provide a total opening , which makes it easier to clean the cloths, something that is not achieves with traditional systems.

In addition, an enclosure offers a panoramic and clean view, which is due to the fact that they do not have leaf crosses and neither do they have hardware that interferes with the vision.

Another special feature of this functional system is that it has a higher level of isolation in relation to external noise .

The closure is easy and secure, with a single lock with a key for the entire system, which generates greater protection and security against burglary attempts. intruders.

As for the type of glass that can be mounted in an enclosure, they can be 8 and 10mm, plus the stainless steel structure, it provides a good level of security.

This system guarantees anti-corrosion, durability and availability in different colors and finishes.

It is the safest system on the market. We manufacture enclosures under the most demanding quality standards, and we guarantee profiles that provide complete inertia and high-level resistance, with robust designs and an inviolable anchoring system.

The fixing is resistant to corrosion too, because stainless steel bars are used.

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It has stainless steel enclosures made to measure for your spaces.

We take care of the manufacture of stainless steel enclosures , we have a large number of satisfied customers for our finishes .

If you need a specific design, under exact measurements, you can contact us. Keep in mind that steel is one of the most used materials by decorators for fences in luxury developments, because it can be matched with access doors.

We can help you, we work with different qualities , according to your budget and need, among them: AISI 304, AISI 316 , AISI 316 L.

We guarantee high resistance to humidity and climatic conditions of our enclosures . Contact us today and tell us your vision of the enclosure you need.

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