Stainless steel door works in Alicante

Puertas basculantes

Types of stainless steel doors in Alicante

Up-and-over doors

The overhead doors are those that rotate around an eccentric pivot or not . These differ from those that hang from hinges. We offer our clients a wide range of overhead doors, in fact we have different types because we are manufacturers. If you have a specific need, you can contact us and we will manufacture them tailored to your work and design.

We apply the best materials , such as corrugated sheet metal, either iron or galvanized. Similarly smooth plate, glass, perforated sheet and aluminum. We adapt to the design that you prefer, because we are professionals and we know very well the different techniques for a tailor-made finish. All our works are personalized and made to measure!

The benefits of up-and-over doors

Overhead doors offer a number of benefits that you will surely want to have in your favor. They are the most popular in terms of the garage , there are many users who constantly hire us to manufacture up-and-over garage doors.

Our models are tried and tested, so that we guarantee complete and absolute safety.

To know better why to think about up-and-over doors , we offer below a description of the benefits:

Additional protection

For added protection, the bilateral interlocking is independent of the ground, and has solid bolts on the sides of the frames.

These frames are tamper-proof . There is no way an intruder can reach them with tools from the outside, so with overhead doors you will have protection.

Super reliable

Thanks to the structure that we have already mentioned, and the three safety springs, the up-and-over doors offer maximum reliability.

In fact, if the spring breaks, in the same way the door would not fall because it has a firm screw connection in the part upper , and the remaining springs can hold the door in position without any problems.

So, as you can see, this is a very reliable gate.

At opening and closing level

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the position of the lever arm is another great advantage, since it is designed in a specific to facilitate the opening and closing of the door, so it is very comfortable.

On the other hand, overhead doors are completely easy to move manually, and if it is electrically operated it is even easier to do so.

These benefits are powerful reasons for you to decide to contract the manufacture of up-and-over doors, we take care of manufacturing them tailored to your needs.

Also note that the overhead doors are silent, when closing and opening them you will not hear them.

Types of up-and-over doors

Now that you already know the benefits, it is time that you also know which types of overhead doors you can use count.

Single leaf up-and-over doors

These look like sectional doors, in fact, the opening is towards the ceiling, and is usually balanced with springs. 

It is considered as the most interesting , in fact it is ideal for a door for residential use, it will not occupy space within the garage or the place where you decide to place your one-leaf up-and-over door.


This is the most common among users, it has many benefits thanks to its ideal structure. It has a side counterweight that opens in two once it is retracted.

On the other hand, they also incorporate a pedestrian door in the structure, so you will have additional access to the interior space.

As you have seen, the overhead doors are safe and reliable, also very functional, made with high quality material.

An additional advantage is that they do not require deep or rigorous maintenance . So you can save money in that regard.

An annual inspection will suffice to evaluate the performance of your overhead door . So take advantage of this excellent option with which you can rest easy.

Puertas cancela

Doors gates

If you are looking for a type of doors for residential use , you are in the right place, because we We take charge of manufacturing gate doors tailored to your needs.

We offer the work and design according to the need you present, our experience as manufacturers, and high knowledge on the subject , allows us to adapt to all types of design.

So we invite you to learn more about gate doors, and thus decide if it is the type of door that you need and want.

Types of materials for gates

We take care of manufacturing all kinds of designs , and we also work with a wide range of materials.

This is how you can obtain more possibilities, among the materials in which we manufacture gate doors are:

  • Corrugated sheet metal
  • Barrote
  • Smooth iron
  • Galvanized sheet
  • Religa
  • Perforated sheet
  • Glasses
  • Rectangular Venetian
  • Stainless steel
  • Forge style

They can also be manufactured with manual or motorized drives.

Types of gates and doors

Now that you already know the different materials with which a gate can be made , it is also important that you know that there are two types of doors.

We will describe them below:


These are the ones with a lower two-wheel drive of 180 . These allow a very convenient horizontal movement.

In fact, depending on the terrain in which a sliding gate is installed, it can be operated by an upper guide.

They are a type of robust door, of great quality, offering a high level of resistance and, therefore, durability. It is an excellent option.

Generally they are used in communities of owners , this is due to the type of drive that, being mechanical, is ideal so that a car can enter without the user having to get out to open the door.

As an added bonus, this gate gives the property an elegant look , and there is a lot of design variety, so that you will always find or be able to have one that fits your spaces.

Choose the most suitable finish and take advantage of the benefits of sliding gate doors.


It is another type of gate, and is characterized by its lateral pivoting movement.

You can choose it with one or two sheets , all according to your preferences and the comfort you are looking for with respect to space.

They are elaborated so that it is easy to operate them by a single person without having to receive help for it.

In addition, it guarantees a very strong and secure closure . So with a swing gate you won’t have a security problem.

In this type of door special welded hinges can be incorporated, this gives it a double objective. In the first place, it will be able to prevent the door from hanging up due to its use and characteristics.

Secondly, with the special welded pins, a better, smoother and quieter operation is achieved.

This will be useful if the door will be located in an area where other homeowners live nearby, and you don’t want to bother with noises at each opening or closing.

Like swing doors, you can request a design tailored to your wishes and requirements, and request that it be manufactured in the material of your preference.

We invite you to take into account the gates cancel as an option for your spaces . You will find it safe, quiet, smooth, easy to operate, aesthetic and very convenient.

We can help you with the manufacturing, and guarantee the finish you want, we offer maximum satisfaction and functional doors of great quality and durability < / b>, as well as security for your maximum peace of mind.

Puertas correderas

Sliding doors

Sliding doors represent an excellent option , this is due to the ease of use, the security they offer and the ability to adapt to all kinds of style and design.

They are straight sliding doors that can be manufactured with one leaf or two. They are recommended for residential and industrial use.

They are built to measure. We are specialists , we can manufacture it with the materials you want and under the design that is most convenient for you.

You can request your sliding door in the material you like, we offer you:

  • Stainless steel
  • Perforated sheet
  • Forge style
  • Glasses
  • Rectangular Venetian
  • Aluminum
  • Religa
  • Smooth iron
  • Corrugated sheet metal
  • Galvanized sheet

In addition, our level of experience, knowledge, and professionalism, allows us to guarantee the design that you demand. And with manual or motorized operation.

Reasons for sliding doors

Now that you know what sliding doors are and the types of materials in which they can be manufactured, it is time to discover why it is an excellent option.


If you want a door that manages to provide a fusion of space and light, then sliding doors will certainly work for you.

Be able to add or subtract the rooms as you wish , and you can decide what visual sensation of spaciousness you want to generate.

Ideal for enlargement

With a sliding door you can save more space in small rooms . In fact, you don’t have to leave an empty space to swing down a conventional door.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of this empty egg to place an auxiliary piece of furniture or to place a larger wardrobe.

Excellent aesthetics

You can choose the most suitable type of material and the design you like for your sliding door. So the aesthetic and design possibilities are limitless.

On the other hand, sliding doors are excellent as decoration elements, they can allow the passage of light, and decorate with glass < / b>. It also serves as a partition once it is closed, and this creates an interesting contrast.

With the sliding door you decide if you want a dark or light environment , if you combine the materials of the sliding door with crystal, then the effect will be better.

Isolate without hindering

On the other hand, since the sliding doors do not have to be folded down, there are no obstacles when they are open.

Depending on the integration of the material with the wall, visual obstacles can also be eliminated. So that, whether they are open or closed , the closing doors merge with the rooms in an efficient way, and can also isolate them in the same way.

If your room is small, this is also an option

If your concern is that you have a very small room, such as to divide spaces with doors, then you don’t have to worry anymore, because sliding doors will give you will allow to solve this problem.

For example, if you have a walk-in closet, or a bathroom that is very small, with a door sliding door can gain space and create a feeling of spaciousness.

So that closing doors can solve your problems, and allow you to enjoy good aesthetics, safety and quality doors.

Take advantage of the benefits of sliding doors

The high capacity they have to merge with spaces, the flexibility in terms of aesthetics and design, the resistance and durability of the materials with which they can be manufactured , makes sliding doors an excellent option for your spaces.

You should only have the services of experts who can provide you with custom manufacturing, under high quality standards and with convenient manufacturing times for your project , be it construction or renovations.

We are able to manufacture under the demands that you request , be it in quantities or special requirements.

We are experts with years of experience, capable of providing solutions in door manufacturing and quality assurance.

So take advantage of the benefits that sliding doors offer, either for a small room, if you want to create a feeling of spaciousness , that is, for a larger room and you want to divide the spaces with elegance and with doors that do not represent an obstacle.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a customized quote, and thus have the opportunity to access a quality sliding door , functional and custom.

Puertas seccionales

Sectional doors

Another of good options when it comes to doors , which you can consider for their functionalities, are sectional doors. In this article we will show you why it is a good idea to have this type of doors.

In fact, sectional doors allow you to make better use of space, for that reason they are recommended for garages with reduced interior space, or that are located in the same building line, if one of these two is the case, do not hesitate to buy sectional doors.

We offer you sectional doors with a perimeter watertight seal. They are also characterized by working with complete smoothness, and with complete precision. In the same way we add security lock.

You can enjoy sectional doors with finger protection , and also with lateral guide protection.

It can count on thermal insulation of foam, in addition free of CFC.

We offer various panel models, for example solid panel, simple steel, or sandwich panel with thermally insulated steel . We also offer you solid wood panels.

You can include a pedestrian door in the design, and decide if you want a manual or automatic opening.

Reasons to buy sectional doors

Now that you know a little about the efficiency and peculiarities of sectional doors, we invite you to also know the reasons why it is a good idea buy sectional doors:

Efficient operation

The sectional doors work simply and efficiently , this is a great advantage, because you will not have to worry about complications.

Sectional doors open through guides, which are responsible for folding the door in a circular motion, which is possible because it is They are made up of sections, so their joints allow them to be folded to the ceiling from the inside.

Therefore, it is not only efficient in its operation, but also allows an excellent space saving in the folding and in the opening , so that in the final position of the sectional door they also allow good clearance of space.

Energy saving

Due to the composition of its panels and its structure, a sectional door, with an excellent installation, generates insulation inside the garage in such a way optimal.

This insulation guarantees in turn to keep the space warm or cold . In fact, it also helps you enjoy good sound insulation.

So with a correct installation and a good sectional door you can have a well-conditioned space.


On the other hand , the panels of the sectional doors are made with different layers , and these are called sandwich panels, and they are very resistant, so it offers a high level of durability.

The resistance offered by sectional doors provides great security, since it is not easy to break these types of doors, and neither to open them.

So count on more security and durability.

Spare parts

With a sectional door you will not have to change the door completely in case of damage.

Its particular composition of panels , allows that in the event of a breakage you can only replace the panel that has been damaged

These panels are easy to get, so forget about other options where you would have to completely change the garage door.

Purchase your sectional door

These reasons that we have presented are enough to make the decision and buy sectional doors.

The best thing is that we can make it to measure , taking into account the most convenient design according to your requirements.

Enjoy the comfort of these doors that can be automated very easily with a motor anchored to the ceiling.

So it can have automatic opening through a remote control . You will not have to get out of your vehicle to enter the garage, the remote will suffice.

The adaptability of sectional doors is one of the benefits that you will definitely want to buy with. That is to say, you can buy sectional doors of any material , and under the measurements that you need in width and height.

We invite you to take advantage of the benefits of sectional doors, count on greater energy savings in the interior space, with a fully resistant door and durable , and with the convenience of making specific replacements.

Puertas para comunidades

Community doors

Community gates, such as portals, are very important, and quality manufacturing work is required to ensure that they are are durable and have a good level of resistance and provide maximum safety.

We take care of the manufacture of doors for communities, among other things, and we do it according to the demands of our clients.

If you have a design in mind, we make it happen for you . We specialize in doors made of stainless steel, glass, iron and aluminum, and we combine the materials according to the requirements of our clients.

Customised community doors

One of the advantages we offer to our clients is that we create doors for personalized communities.

With functional, current and modern designs, adjusted to new trends . We also manufacture more classic designs, such as artistic forging.

In fact, we also have the accessories for the community door, which you can include in the manufacturing service you want.

Among the accessories that we offer you are:

  • Locks with uncopiable security key.
  • Access control, numeric code entry system.
  • Closing system, by means of overhead and built-in door closers.
  • Installation of community mailboxes in the same door or mailbox.

Now, as we have said, we manufacture doors for communities of various materials. So below we will present the advantages or benefits of the different types of door materials for communities.

Types of materials

Each material has its advantages, prices and peculiarities. That is why it is important that you know them. Some can be combined without problems and provide a more appropriate aesthetic to your decoration.

First we can mention wrought iron . It is ideal for any type of design, and adapts to all types of environment.

It is characterized by being resistant and because it combines perfectly with any other material. The ability to create drawings and designs infinitely is one of its greatest advantages.

On the other hand, there is aluminum, also very resistant and stable . It is versatile and lightweight, and it is easy to maintain. It is one of the relatively inexpensive materials.

It has become a great solution, and one of the most sought after materials.

Stainless steel offers the benefit of durability and strength to the extreme. And it is easy to maintain and clean. It is not affected by corrosion or oxidation.

In addition, it has a good level of technical isolation, and can also be used for custom designs.

Glass is another of the materials most used in doors for communities . Laminated safety glass is generally used. It is a fairly resistant option with a lot of aesthetics.

It can be combined with wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminum and even with wood. It is easy to label, therefore to personalize.

If you want a door for communities in any of these materials, or with the combination of several of these materials, you can contact us and we will gladly provide you personalized attention.

We can adjust the most appropriate conditions for your budget .

In addition, you can also include the type of access you prefer, such as security mechanisms, among others.

Contact us and receive the best attention, we will make the design you want a reality, and we will advise you so that you can choose an option that is really convenient for you.

We also take into account the most convenient isolation. In fact, in humid areas we recommend thermal insulation for access doors . But if it is an area with a lot of traffic, the best is acoustic insulation.


If you want to know more about our door options for communities, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are willing to listen to your needs and present you with a custom quote .

Call us for a free visit